Beginning of a 9000 mile journey

On Tuesday 14th August I officially began my solo cycle tour from London to Tokyo. The boiling cauldron of emotions mainly consists of pure excitement, fear, curiosity, trepidation and relief to finally be setting off after having the idea seven months ago back in frosty January.

Knowing that I had been planning to travel ‘to I didn’t know where’ the idea instantly took root in my mind and I knew I wouldn’t be able to brush it off, deep down I already knew I was going to do it but most of me wanted to resist such a seemingly mammoth undertaking and the planning required to make it happen… But here I am, writing this post after cycling from London to my home in Kent, 50 miles down, 8950 to go. Most essential trip items purchased, including a Russian and Chinese visa, I’m anxious that I’ve forgotten something crucial to the trip or dilemmas such as how many pairs of pants should I take, two maybe? I remember my old geography teacher reminiscing about a mountaineering trip, he proudly recounted to the class how many days he could wear one pair of pants, here is the method for anyone that’s interested:

Day one: wear your pants

Day two: wear the pants back to front

Day three: turn the pants inside out

Day four: wear the pants inside out and back to front

Day five: Burn the pants with fire/send them in the post to someone you don’t like, or wash them if you’re on a long expedition.

I’m sure the details will work themselves out along the way. Right now I have some last minute packing and organising to do…

Cycle touring

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    • It’s a 2016 Jamie Aurora, bought second hand on eBay for half the retail price but practically brand new, everything was still shiny, even the chain.
      Its been great so far:)


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you in Korea Tom. To ride and share a couple of meals was a nice break in the monotony. I hope the last leg of your journey went well in Japan and the typhoon didn’t hold you back.
    Cheers! You were riding for a good cause.
    Many more trips planned…. Perhaps I’ll see out there in the world again sometime.
    Be happy.


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