In August 2017, I left London to start my solo bike journey to Tokyo. Over 15 months I travelled exactly 11,026 miles, or 17,745km through 13 countries  from London Bridge overlooking the river Thames and houses of parliament all the way to the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo arriving on my 27th birthday the 14th November.

I had been wanting to travel for a long time and a long cycle tour seemed the best way to soak up the vast treasures that the world had to offer.  It was a life defining journey, the most difficult and best decision I have yet made, an experience i wouldn’t trade for anything.

Of course there were some terribly tough times along the way but i believe these times are often when you learn the most and when contrasted against the great times they help to make them even more magical.

The other reason for the adventure was to raise funds for two fantastic charities.

CLIC Sargent, a national charity which provides emotional, financial, and practical support to young people and children who have been diagnosed with cancer. My brother, who is now a member of CLIC Sargent’s board of trustees, was helped by the charity after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2011, and I’m so grateful to them for the support they gave my family during this difficult time.

The second was Hope and Homes for Children, a brilliant organisation which aims to eradicate the institutional care of children. I had initially planned to raise money for an orphanage on my travels but after some research I discovered that orphanages are terrible places for children. Even with the best of intentions and resources no one except a family can give children the love and attention that they need.

With gift aid my supporters managed to help me reach the target of £5000 split evenly between the two charities. Thank you!!! So much!!!

Please spread the word about these two amazing charities.

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